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Star Wars Testproject

One of the shots we did for a Starwars test project just got put into Icon Creative’s updated reel. The shot is split in two and can be found at 0:22 and 1:04. The goal was to advance the pipeline and create some high quality shots. There were quite some difficulties because of nukes channel limitations (that I described > here <), filesizes and stability but it was great to find out new things. The lighter for this shot – Ben Sarlo – had to deal with quite a few annoying requests but the shot turned out pretty cool. There were two other shots that hopefully get released at one point as well. The other people I spent a lot of time with on this project that I really hope to be able to work with again are the great surfacing artist Mathieu Godet, the talented concept artist and matte painter Joseph Kim and my dear friend and comp colleague Jose Hidalgo.

Year: 2016 Software used: Nuke Client: Icon Creative Studio