Monthly Archives: March 2019


MECfiller is a pixelation and filter based filler tool. Its main use is to fill in missing information of a picture, to close holes from cut out tracking markers and to generally extend available information for a full picture estimation. A breakdown of how it works can be found > here < This tool is based on Mads Hagbart’s FFfiller approach and idea. It can be downloaded > here <

Thistle One

Thistle One is finally available online can can be viewed > here <
It took a few months of getting up really early to comp the shots before work but it was worth it! Artella seems to be a really great plattform for collaboration on such projects and I will continue to contribute to cool shorts in the future.


End of last year I was working at risefx on the new Hellboy movie. The second trailer looks quite exciting and can be seen > here <