Monthly Archives: August 2017

Templating Tutorial

After years of working with nuke I finally got myself to record a video tutorial. I planned on doing this for a very long time but never managed to make one with the topic and quality that I thought was worth sharing. Special thanks for the footage to Manuel Mayer and Laura Feraud. The tutorial is about TEMPLATING FOR FULL CG PRODUCTIONS and can be found > here <

Star Wars test project

One of the shots we did for a Starwars test project just got put into Icon Creative’s updated reel. The shot is split in two and can be found at 0:22 and 1:04. As a huge Starwars fan this was very exciting and a great test for the pipeline. More about it > here <

Circle Expression Challenge

At Pixomondo we have a little challenge going on in our comp department. Fabian Holtz challenged everyone to create a tool by only using one expression node that creates a circle with different size/falloff that can be repeatedly tiled and also offset. It was quite fun and is just way faster than any combination of nodes could ever be. Here’s the > code <