Tales from the Loop

A few months ago I finished working on ‘Tales from the Loop’ at Rodeo FX. The trailer finally dropped with some cool posters. They can be found > here <
Some behind the scenes can be found here > here <

IT Chapter Two

The final trailer for IT Chapter II just got revealed. There are some kickass VFX getting done at Rodeo FX in Munich and I’m hyped to see our shots on the big screen. I’m usually not that interested in Horrormovies but I’m gonna watch this one for sure. > Trailer <


MECfiller is a pixelation and filter based filler tool. Its main use is to fill in missing information of a picture, to close holes from cut out tracking markers and to generally extend available information for a full picture estimation. A breakdown of how it works can be found > here < This tool is based on Mads Hagbart’s FFfiller approach and idea. It can be downloaded > here <


End of last year I was working at risefx on the new Hellboy movie. The second trailer looks quite exciting and can be seen > here <

ThistleOne Premiere

In the last few months I spent my mornings on a very cool Artella project. ThistleOne is an action short that will premiere on CTN animation Expo on November 17th. I’m quite excited for the first reactions.

Tomb Raider & Hotdog Trailers

I’m working on two projects at ScanlineVFX right now and both of them have their trailers released already. The Tomb Raider Trailer can be viewed > here < and the trailer for the German Movie ‘Hotdog’ can be seen > here <

360 panoramic HDRs

I made some 360° panoramic HDRs for our Lighting departments. You can see and download them here > here <

Trudes Tier

I’m working for Studio Soi at the moment and two out of three episodes of “Trudes Tier” aired on television the last two weeks. I worked on this lovely show for about 3 months and did alot of the compositing, the third episode will be on air soon.

4000 Mile Stare Trailer Release

The Trailer for the short film “4000 Mile Stare” is finally released. I was part of the VFX Team for the project and I’m very happy to finally see it online. You can find more information about the movie at the brand new website: 4000 Mile Stare

4000 Mile Stare – WIP

I’m currently working on a shortfilm called “4000 Mile Stare”. You can have a look at wip-pictures, set-timelapses and other videos on the official facebook-page. I’m one of the Compositors and VFX-Set-Supervisor.