New script for quick and comfortable way to organise retimes/appendclips for reels or shotsequences within nuke. More infos > here <

Available to download on nukepedia > here <


IT Chapter Two

The final trailer for IT Chapter II just got revealed. There are some kickass VFX getting done at Rodeo FX in Munich and I’m hyped to see our shots on the big screen. I’m usually not that interested in Horrormovies but I’m gonna watch this one for sure. > Trailer <

Dark Season II

Season II of Dark is about to start. I had the pleasure to work on this project with the awesome people from RISE FX again and I’m pumped to see the first reactions to the show. > Trailer <


MECfiller is a pixelation and filter based filler tool. Its main use is to fill in missing information of a picture, to close holes from cut out tracking markers and to generally extend available information for a full picture estimation. A breakdown of how it works can be found > here < This tool is based on Mads Hagbart’s FFfiller approach and idea. It can be downloaded > here <

Thistle One

Thistle One is finally available online can can be viewed > here <
It took a few months of getting up really early to comp the shots before work but it was worth it! Artella seems to be a really great plattform for collaboration on such projects and I will continue to contribute to cool shorts in the future.


End of last year I was working at risefx on the new Hellboy movie. The second trailer looks quite exciting and can be seen > here <

ThistleOne Premiere

In the last few months I spent my mornings on a very cool Artella project. ThistleOne is an action short that will premiere on CTN animation Expo on November 17th. I’m quite excited for the first reactions.


The stories of ‘Rasmus Klump‘ finally hit TV Screens. After a very successful festival circuit they will be played on many European Children TV Channels. More Information about the lovely Studio Soi project can be found > here <

MECshotmanager Script

My latest and most ambitious Nuke tool ‘MECshotmanager’ provides archiving, optimisation, cleanup and repathing options for shots in Nuke. I created a process similar to ‘archive scene’ from Maya as well as version control and file checking functionalities for sequences. The optimisation options offer small speedups, better script readability and redundancy checks. A video breakdown of the script can be found on > vimeo < and it can be downloaded > here <

MECudimmanager Script

I just published another tool that is used to to organise UDIM Inputs in Nuke. It can conveniently give an overview of the models UV spaces, show specific UDIMs and input textures that are automatically getting put into the correct place. It can be used for the creation of masks, paintovers for specific areas and projections on complex models with multiple UV spaces.
More Infos > here <
Download > here <