The stories of ‘Rasmus Klump‘ finally hit TV Screens. After a very successful festival circuit they will be played on many European Children TV Channels. More Information about the lovely Studio Soi project can be found > here <

Game of Thrones Making of

After a long wait the Breakdowns for Game of Thrones are finally online. Some of my shots/breakdowns are in there as well. It’s quite a spectacular video and I’m really proud of what the whole team at Pixomondo was able to accomplish. Breakdowns can be found > here <

Tomb Raider & Hotdog Trailers

I’m working on two projects at ScanlineVFX right now and both of them have their trailers released already. The Tomb Raider Trailer can be viewed > here < and the trailer for the German Movie ‘Hotdog’ can be seen > here <

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

One of the sequences I worked on in the final episode of Season 7 got a feature on the official Game of Thrones Youtube Channel. I worked on 5 of the Wight shots, one of them with the before/after at 00:51. The Team at Pixomondo was great and I really enjoyed working on that sequence. The Video can be found > here <

Templating Tutorial

After years of working with nuke I finally got myself to record a video tutorial. I planned on doing this for a very long time but never managed to make one with the topic and quality that I thought was worth sharing. Special thanks for the footage to Manuel Mayer and Laura Feraud. The tutorial is about TEMPLATING FOR FULL CG PRODUCTIONS and can be found > here <

Star Wars test project

One of the shots we did for a Starwars test project just got put into Icon Creative’s updated reel. The shot is split in two and can be found at 0:22 and 1:04. As a huge Starwars fan this was very exciting and a great test for the pipeline. More about it > here <

Circle Expression Challenge

At Pixomondo we have a little challenge going on in our comp department. Fabian Holtz challenged everyone to create a tool by only using one expression node that creates a circle with different size/falloff that can be repeatedly tiled and also offset. It was quite fun and is just way faster than any combination of nodes could ever be. Here’s the > code <


I’m in Stuttgart for 2.5 months now and it has been quite exciting at Pixomondo. One of the trailers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones went online and I’m looking forward to seeing the show – even though I usually don’t watch GoT.

Return to Europe

After a year in Vancouver I will return to Europe. It was an awesome experience where I learned a lot and met some amazing people. Now I’m looking forward to being back in Europe and to the future at home.

Date of availability: ~ 01.04.2017

Riders of Icarus / Elena of Avalor

Two projects that I worked on at Icon Creative Studios during the last three months are now released or about to be. The Game Cinematic for Riders of Icarus is already online and the Disney Show Elena of Avalor is about to air soon. The Trailers can be found here:
Riders of Icarus
Elena of Avalor