Return to Europe

After a year in Vancouver I will return to Europe. It was an awesome experience where I learned a lot and met some amazing people. Now I’m looking forward to being back in Europe and to the future at home.

Date of availability: ~ 01.04.2017

Riders of Icarus / Elena of Avalor

Two projects that I worked on at Icon Creative Studios during the last three months are now released or about to be. The Game Cinematic for Riders of Icarus is already online and the Disney Show Elena of Avalor is about to air soon. The Trailers can be found here:
Riders of Icarus
Elena of Avalor


Fast Overview
Visa Status: Approved
Date of arrival: ~ 14.04.2016
Availability: Starting Mid April 2016
Housing: Searching for flats

Trudes Tier

I’m working for Studio Soi at the moment and two out of three episodes of “Trudes Tier” aired on television the last two weeks. I worked on this lovely show for about 3 months and did alot of the compositing, the third episode will be on air soon.


After receiving my 3D-Printer I started to play around with the settings to get a feeling for it. I really like the results so far although I didnt do any polishing/postpro. You can see some of the prints here

CS:GO Weaponskins

I’ve decided to try out the “Steam-Workshop” and make some skins for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Its really fun to work with the models and do something game-related for once. You can find a collection of the skins >>here<<

4000 Mile Stare – WIP

I’m currently working on a shortfilm called “4000 Mile Stare”. You can have a look at wip-pictures, set-timelapses and other videos on the official facebook-page. I’m one of the Compositors and VFX-Set-Supervisor.

some random stuff

Some small things i tried or have been working on lately:
Mechanical flowers, transforming mecha-bugs, ….The alienhead is a model of the talented sculptor Beat Reichenbach to test some of my HDR’s