Rift – Comp

Rift is an animated Shortfilm about a climber and his struggles. Its a project from my friends Christian Hochfellner & Benjamin Arzt & Manuel Thomasser. Premiere: 6h of June at the Creativity Rules Festival.


360 panoramic HDRs

I made some 360° panoramic HDRs for our Lighting departments. You can see and download them here > here <



Fast Overview
Visa Status: Approved
Date of arrival: ~ 14.04.2016
Availability: Starting Mid April 2016
Housing: Searching for flats

About me:
26, European – Austria, Masters Degree in Arts – Animation, Experience in Live-Action and 3D-Animation Compositing, over 4 years of experience in Nuke, basic proficiency in Fusion (and AE), strong 3D Background


Matrix Node Tutorial

A few days ago I used the Matrix Node in Nuke and thought that its probably hard for Beginners to understand how it works. This Tutorial is a complete breakdown of the inner processes, usage and numbers behind the output. You can view it here or dircetly download it here.


Trudes Tier

I’m working for Studio Soi at the moment and two out of three episodes of “Trudes Tier” aired on television the last two weeks. I worked on this lovely show for about 3 months and did alot of the compositing, the third episode will be on air soon.


Barefoot – Game Waterfalls

Two years ago some friends made a multiplayer funracer with Unity called “Barefoot”. I helped them out in making a waterfall for the background that was easily changeable and had a good performance, so the challenge was to make it work in different colors, loopable and still have low ressource usage.



After receiving my 3D-Printer I started to play around with the settings to get a feeling for it. I really like the results so far although I didnt do any polishing/postpro. You can see some of the prints here

Trailer 4000 Mile Stare

4000 Mile Stare Trailer Release

The Trailer for the short film “4000 Mile Stare” is finally released. I was part of the VFX Team for the project and I’m very happy to finally see it online. You can find more information about the movie at the brand new website: 4000 Mile Stare


Depth Styletest

I always liked the look of depth-maps/passes, so I used some old files and tried to create a cool atmosphere by only compositing this single pass. This is the result after a total of 3 hours of messing around:

Pro Circle M4A4

CS:GO Weaponskins

I’ve decided to try out the “Steam-Workshop” and make some skins for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Its really fun to work with the models and do something game-related for once. You can find a collection of the skins >>here<<